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COVID-19 European Regional Tracker

Tracking the spread of COVID-19 across NUTS3 and NUTS2 regions in 26 European countries.

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This repository takes a stock of COVID-19 datasets for 26 European countries at the regional NUTS3 or NUTS2 level.

The Tracker is now published in Nature Scientific Data: DOI:s41597-021-00950-7

The data is released monthly on Zenodo: DOI

This repository is updated every four weeks. All raw data and scripts are available here in case more frequent updates are required. Otherwise, please feel free to request one. It takes about 30-40 minutes to run all the scripts and upload them to GitHub. Please cite the above DOIs if you are using this dataset. The underlying data structures are constantly being updated and there might be still undetected issues in the final files. For comments, feedback, error reporting, or other queries please e-mail at or

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Challenges with data access

Combining data across countries

European regions and availability of COVID-19 data

The table below shows the national regional classifications that correspond to NUTS tables. Number of regions for each NUTS level are given in brackets and the NUTS level at which the data is available is highlighted in bold. For smaller countries, NUTS 0 and NUTS 1 are the same administrative regions.

Country (NUTS 0) Code NUTS 1 NUTS 2 NUTS 3 LAU
Austria AT Gruppen von Bundesländern (3) Bundesländer (9) Bezirke (35) Gemeniden (2096)
Belgium BE Gewesten / Régions (3) Provincies / Provinces (11) Arrondissementen / Arrondissements (44) Gemeenten/Communes (581)
Croatia HR - Regija (4) Županija (21) Gradovi i općine (556)
Czechia CZ Území(1) Regiony soudržnosti (8) Kraje (14) Obce (6258)
Denmark DK - Regioner (5) Landsdele (11) Kommuner (99)
Estonia EE - - Maakondade grupid (5) Linn, vald (79)
Finland FI Manner-Suomi, Ahvenananmaa / Fasta Finland, Åland (2) Suuralueet/Storområden (5) Maakunnat/Landskap (19) Kunnat / Kommuner (311)
France FR Zones d’études et d’aménagement du territoire (14) Régions (27) Départements (101) Communes (34970)
Germany DE Länder (3) Regierungsbezirke (38) Kreise (401) Gemeniden (11087)
Greece EL Geografikes Perioches (4) Periferies (13) Periferiakon Enotiton (52) Topikes Koinotites (6134)
Hungary HU Statisztikai nagyrégiók (3) Tervezési-statisztikai régiók (8) Megyék + Budapest (20) Települések (3155)
Ireland IE - Regions (3) Regional Authority Regions (8) Local Election Areas (166)
Italy IT Gruppi di regioni (5) Regioni (21) Provincie (107) Comuni (7926)
Latvia LV - - Statistiskie reģioni (6) Republikas pilsētas, novadi (119)
Netherlands NL Landsdelen (4) Provincies (12) NUTS3 (40) Gemeenten (355)
Norway NO - Landsdeler (7) Fylker (18) Kommuner (356)
Poland PL Makroregiony (7) Regiony (17) Podregiony (73) Gminy (2478)
Portugal PT Continente + Regiões Autónomas (3) Grupos de Entidades Intermunicipais + Regiões Autónomas (7) Entidades Intermunicipais + Regiões Autónomas (25) Freguesias (3098)
Romania RO Macroregiuni (4) Regiuni (8) Judet + Bucuresti (42) Comuni + Municipiu + Orase (3181)
Slovenia SI - Kohezijske regije (2) Statistične regije (12) Občine (212)
Slovak Republic SK - Oblasti (4) Kraje (8) Obce (2927)
Spain ES Agrupación de comunidades autónomas (7) Comunidades y ciudades Autónomas (19) Provincias + islas + Ceuta, Melilla (59) Municipios (8131)
Sweden SE Grupper av riksområden (3) Riksområden (8) Län (21) Kommuner (290)
Switzerland CH - Grossregionen (7) Kantone (26) Gemeinden/Communes (2222)
United Kingdom UK Government Office Regions (12) Counties (41) Upper tier authorities (179) Lower Authority Districts (LADs/LTLAs) (315)

Source: Extended from Eurostat LAU page.

Sources of country datasets

The table below shows the links of the official insitutions that are responsible for COVID-19 data in their respective countries, and links to the actual databases from where the data is pulled.

Country Code Official institution Data source
Austria AT AGES Link
Belgium BE Sciensano Link
Croatia HR Ministry of Health Link
Czechia CZ MZCR Link
Denmark DK SSI Link
Estonia EE Health Board Link
Finland FI THL Link
France FR Santé publique France Link
Germany DE Robert Koch Institute (RKI) Link
Greece EL EODY Link
Hungary HU Government of Hungary Link
Ireland IE Department of Health Link
Italy IT Ministero della Salute Link
Latvia LV Government of Latvia Link
Netherlands NL RIVM Link
Norway NO NIPH Link
Poland PL Government of Poland Link
Portugal PT DSG Link
Romania RO The National Institute of Public Health (CNSCBT) Link
Slovak Republic SK NHIC Link
Slovenia SI Republic of Slovenia website Link
Spain ES National Center for Epidemiology Link
Sweden SE The Public Health Agency of Sweden Link
Switzerland CH Bundesamt für Gesundheit Link
United Kingdom UK The UK Government  
England   National Health Service (NHS) Link
North Ireland   Department of Health North Ireland  
Scotland   The Scottish Government Link
Wales   The Welsh Government  

Note: The links are subject to change. If you find an error or a better data source, then please let me know.


The following workflow is used to compile the data at the NUTS3 or NUTS2 level:

The date range for countries:

The scatter plot of daily cases per 10k population at the NUTS level:

Data validation

In order to validate the data, the regional level information is aggregated up to country-level totals. These are compared with Our World in Data’s (OWID) COVID-19 tracker numbers. OWID is a key source for COVID-19-related information and is referenced frequently in scientific research and the media. OWID was utilizing country-level information provided by the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC) till November 2020. In November 2020, ECDC announced that it will switch to weekly data releases under The European Surveillance System (TESSy) where countries submit NUTS2-level data. As a response, OWID switched to the John Hopkins University’s (JHU) data, which provides COVID-19 information at the global level.

For validation, both this Tracker and OWID data is merged on a country-date combination and the difference between the daily cases is calculated. The figure above plots these differences by countries. After October 2020, the mismatch in the totals goes up significantly and persists till today. Two explanations for these trends. First, before October 2020, daily data was provided by ECDC which was taking information directly from European countries. Since this Tracker is pulling data from the countries directly, the match pre-October 2020 is very close with the exception of a few outliers. Second, since the data source of this Tracker remains unchanged, while OWID updated its source to broader (less-verified) database after October 2020, this Tracker provides a more accurate picture of country-level aggregates including regional variations. As of March 2021, ECDC is again releasing daily country-level data but gaps exist between the latest data series and the pre-November 2020 updates.


Share of cases and deaths in Tracker countries

The Tracker countries are shown in orange, while the rest of Europe and Central Asia is shown in yellow.

All data points (Jan 2020 to present):

Cases on the last data point for each NUTS region:

Change in cases in the past 14 days:

Individual country maps:

In the media

Articles in the press related to the Tracker:

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